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Maji Love Live 3rd Stage


Maji Love Live 3rd Stage

Shuffle Unit


Maji Love Live 3rd Stage 

Showtaro Morikubo 


B’s-Log June 2014 Magazine Scans

Honeybee x Satoi New Projects

  • Re:Birthday Song - Ai wo Utau Shinigami
  • Un:Birthday Song - Koi wo Utau Shinigami

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I so can’t wait for this one! >u<
I’m really really excited! <3 <3

☆Happy Birthday Kuroda Takaya!!☆


☆*:.。.Kuroda Takaya.。.:*☆

April 17, 1965

Our deep-voiced ossan! One of the veteran seiyuu who is still very active in voice acting, especially in drama CDs. (o^^o) I wonder how many hats this guy owns….

Likes to take selfies too

Tried to promote his own r18 CD by saying “It’s an acquaintance’s CD. Please listen to it!” LOL.

Aaaand bonus pic: (one of his selfies too lol)


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"being troubled might not sound like a good word, but i don’t think so.
being troubled means you are thinking,
and thinking means you are facing the problem.”

- Sakurai Takahiro in a video for Jisatsutou on words for living